3 Ways PIM Can Improve Your B2B Website

I just read an interesting article about how to ‘spiff’ up’ online business in a B2B environment.  The article mentions three main steps that are involved: improve upon your existing foundation, leverage existing tools, and embrace social media.  When improving upon your existing foundation, it refers to reviewing and improving product images, product descriptions, site navigation, and faceted search elements.  Secondly, leverage existing tools that are provided in your ecommerce system such as providing up-sell/cross-sell functionality and product recommendations.  And lastly, embrace the free tools of social media for a more targeted approach.

Being a consumer, I couldn’t agree more with this article.  How many times have you visited a site and the pictures were not so great and the product description(s) were lacking, or there was little or no product recommendations?  This happens far too often.  So let me take this concept even further…instead of having separate tools in which to do these steps, why not bring all of this data into a product information management (PIM) solution and efficiently manage these processes in an automated, non-manual way?  A PIM solution provides a central source for companies to access and manage product information, media assets that are associated to those products, product ratings and reviews, and it gives the ability to reference products for up-sell/cross-sell functionality.  What’s nice is that this one tool can export all of this information to all of your channels (mobile, social, and more), not just ecommerce.

Want to know more about how a product information management (PIM) solution can help accomplish your ecommerce initiatives?  Download the latest FitforCommerce white paper below.