The Future of Retail is Multichannel [Infographic]

Aligning your sales channels to create a true multichannel experience for your customers is, and will continue to be, a huge selling point in the retail industry. Shoppers predict the future of retail, and according to this infographic (courtesy of Milo), cross-channel consumer experiences are going to be hot! How hot, you ask? Check out the infographic below for all the juicy details!

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Future of Retail Infographic

Key Takeaway Points

  • 41% of shoppers would like to be identified via smart phone when shopping in a brick-and-mortar store  Tweet this stat!
  • 63% of shoppers in mature markets prefer to shop online  Tweet this stat!
  • 56% of shoppers would spend more money at a traditional retail store if they could browse through their products online first  Tweet this stat!
  • 30% of shoppers say most retailers are not consistent across their sales channels  Tweet this stat!

Those retailers who fully align their channels to create a seamless buying experience for their customers will continue to have the upper hand in today’s retail market. Making sure your content is consistently distributed to all sales channels is the first step to achieving a true multichannel strategy.

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