5 Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

If you’re currently using a website, whether it be for selling products or promoting your company, you need to be concerned about your bounce rate. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate – hold up, what the heck is bounce rate, anyway? Bounce rate is the percentage of your website visitors that leave after only viewing 1 page of your site. Basically, it’s the people who get to your site, realize it’s not what they wanted, and then leave. Bounce rates can be a useful metric to determine the effectiveness of your website. For example, a landing page with a relatively low bounce rate indicates that it effectively leads visitors deeper into your website.

So, what is a respectable number in terms of bounce rate? In general, around 50% is average. If you’re over 60%, you should be worried, and anything over 80% means you’ve got some major problems to fix.

Do you fall into the “problem zone”? Don’t fret – the following 5 tips should help fix your inflated bounce rate!

  1. Make your website load faster. Newsflash – people don’t like to wait! Get rid of the fancy flash and java – sure, it may look pretty, but it’s slowing down your website’s loading time. When people get sick of waiting for a website to load, they leave. Plain and simple.
  2. Make your website visually appealing. Wait a second, you just told me to get rid of the pretty stuff! At first, this may seem to contradict the previous tip, but hear me out:  there is a big difference between a website that is pretty but busy and confusing versus a website that is attractive, clean, and user-friendly (Hint:  you want to be the latter.) You don’t have to go overboard, but do take the time to make your website and landing pages look nice and easy to navigate.
  3. Make sure your message is clear. Don’t put in all the hard work to get visitors to your site just to have them leave because they can’t figure out what you’re about! Make it completely obvious what it is you do so that viewers know they are in the right place.
  4. Match your marketing message to your landing page. Sure, a lot of people will click on an ad that says “Free Kittens!”, but if it takes them to a landing page about buying car insurance, most of them will leave. Take the time to make sure your marketing copy is really in sync with your landing page, and you’re bounce rate will improve drastically.
  5. Put clear, compelling calls-to-action on your landing page. So you get visitors to come to your site, they understand your message… now what? If you don’t have a clear call-to-action, how do you expect people to know where to go? Incorporating prominent calls-to-action on your landing pages will help lead viewers down the conversion funnel.

Do you have any other secrets to improving bounce rate you’d like share? Suggestions? Comments? Let us know in the comment section below, or join our Linkedin Group!

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