It’s Not Just eCommerce Anymore…

Don’t get me wrong, eCommerce is still going as strong as ever — with a steady growth of about 19% a year, global eCommerce sales are predicted to reach $1 trillion by 2013. However, there are some new power players on the field that shouldn’t be ignored. By taking advantage of all the new, emerging commerce channels, you expose your company and products to broader and more diverse audiences.


Mobile commerce is hands down the fastest growing commerce channel right now. Don’t believe me? Here are a few statistics to blow your mind:

  • Mcommerce is predicted to grow from 3% of eCommerce sales in 2012 to 7% in 2016 (equaling $31 billion dollars!) (source:  Forrester Research, Inc.)
  • By 2014 (only 2 years from now, mind you) over half of internet traffic will stem from smartphones (source:  Branding Brand)
  • 64% of smartphone owners currently use their devices to shop online (source:  eDigitalResearch)

These numbers don’t lie — if you haven’t invested in a mobile version of your website, you need to make it a priority. Your digital marketing needs to be optimized and viewable for all screen sizes and devices used by your target market, and chances are they are using some kind of mobile device.


Commonly referred to as fCommerce, f-stores, or f-anything really, these are full-fledged shopping experiences within the frame work of Facebook. Customers can browse and purchase products without having to leave the Facebook site. (Although there are also variations of fCommerce that jump the user to the website at some point during the checkout process.)

Starbucks fCommerce

You already have an online store, so what’s the point of fCommerce, you ask? The simple answer is that it’s just another channel to reach potential customers. The extra bonus? An f-store increases brand loyalty with very little effort from the customer. Purchases show up in customers’ feeds, products are shared with friends, comments are posted about products — you see where this going, don’t you? An f-store enables your products to be shared easier and much more frequently! No doubt you’ve noticed a larger integration of Facebook likes, shares, and commenting on eTailer’s websites, and that trend is continuing on Facebook itself.

What’s next?

With all the advances being made in world of commerce, who knows what will come next? Maybe Google will come out with a gCommerce, or Twitter will try some kind of tCommerce. What we do know as retailers is that keeping up-to-date with these new commerce channels  is crucial. What can you do to make sure you are getting the latest news? Blogs are a valuable source of information – check out these top eCommerce / multi-commerce blogs for all the current and latest information on commerce!

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Do you have some multi-commerce information to share? Any awesome eCommerce blogs or articles you’ve come across recently? Don’t hold out on us – leave a comment and share the knowledge!

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