Pinterest – a Hot new Trend for Retailers

Author:  Danielle McVicar

According to some new studies, social image sharing sites like Pinterest, are leading to more product sales than social media giants Facebook and Twitter.Pinterest

Although Pinterest is still relatively new to the social media scene (only starting up in 2010), it has become the third most used social network in the U.S. The best part, especially for retailers, is that Pinterest is a predominantly image-based site. Sharing high-quality product images is a simple and effective way to leverage the power of visuals on a rapidly growing social network.

Who doesn’t love browsing through images and video clips? Images and videos are the most shared and uploaded content on Facebook – about 250 million files uploaded every day. But how does this benefit online retailers, you ask? Not only do people love surfing Pinterest and spending time browsing through images, but they are clicking through to product websites at a much higher rate. According to a recent blog post from Hubspot, Pinterest generates more referral traffic than all other social media sites besides Facebook. Hold on a second though – 47% of female social network users in the US reported that a recommendation on Pinterest had directly influenced a recent purchase decision, compared to only 33% for Facebook. That some major influencing power, Pinterest!

According to a March survey by Bizrate Insights, 32% of online buyers in North America have recently made a purchase as a result of seeing an image on a social image-sharing site, like Pinterest. If that’s not incentive to get you product images published on Pinterest, I don’t know what is.

Before you get all excited and start pinning your product images all willy-nilly – take a second to make sure that you’re linking your images back to your website. 6% of online buyers had to look for the product on another site because clicking the image did not take them directly to the retailer. Yikes! Don’t make your customers go out of their way to find you – more than likely they won’t!

Although still evolving, social image sharing sites like Pinterest appear to be a promising ecommerce opportunity for retail brands. Now more than ever online retailers need to make sure that their product data and media assets are managed properly and efficiently.


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