Product Information for mCommerce Converts Shoppers to Buyers

I just read an article IRCE 2012 Report: ‘Showrooming’ is about information, not price and I couldn’t agree more with Brian Walker from Forrester Research.  A lot of times when I am shopping for a particular product and I want to know more about it, I tend to Google it on my mobile -right in the store (I dig the fact that most products have a QR code now -no time wasted searching).  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I never used my mobile in a store to compare pricing, but typically for me price isn’t the deal breaker.  I don’t have a lot of time during my day to shop, I hate returning products (waste of time), and I absolutely hate having to purchase something twice because it broke or it was cheap (waste of money).  So, gathering as much product information as I can upfront really helps me to be more of an efficient shopper.  It’s funny, sometimes I will go into a store and talk to a sales associate about one of their products and come to find out, I know more about their stuff than they do!

Brian Walker goes on to mention how “The impact of an experience is more important than ever before.  Consumers used to be more forgiving of a bad site experience, not attaching that to an entire brand.  That’s not true anymore.”  Who can relate to this?  I can.  I once had a bad experience with a well-known retailer and I vowed never to shop their again, even if their pricing was 50% less than their competitors!  I just didn’t want to be their customer anymore.  Operating your sales channels independently creates a siloed effect and can harm your brand.  Businesses today need to focus on the fact that customers are experiencing their brand as a whole without realizing their shopping in multiple channels.  How a business integrates all of their touch points to create a brand is what’s really going on today.

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