Improve Customer Loyalty in 2012

As many of us know, customer loyalty is a major challenge for many companies. Customer engagement and retention remain the top focus of the customer loyalty challenge both online and offline.

Back in December, Loyalty 360 released a list of the “Top 12 Customer Loyalty Trends for 2012.”

Below are the main ideas of the 12 trends that are mentioned in that article:

1.    Customer engagement is the journey, loyalty is the destination.

2.    There will be a renewed (and well-needed) focus on customer retention and loyalty vs. customer acquisition.

3.    Brands need to recognize customers at all touchpoints, especially the call center, to deliver a quality customer experience.

4.    Marketers will work to glean intelligence from social media feedback.

5.    Loyalty program is seen as critical element of “life cycle management.” Engagement with customers over a lifecycle is the new model for success.

6.    Marketers will look at a mix of location-based behavioral data and attitudinal and preference data.

7.    Mobile coupons will go mainstream.

8.    We will see a focus on social media ROI.

9.    Brands will increasingly use the rich information about customer buying patterns generated via loyalty programs to create more targeted marketing/messaging.

10.    Social personalization will increase.

11.    Mobile digital wallets will mark a big shift in retail payments.

12.    Worthy causes will continue to influence consumer brand loyalty.

Read the full version of the article here.

Is your company committed to improving customer loyalty in 2012?

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