Is Your Company Committed to Improving Multichannel Success?

Here at our Enable Multichannel Success Blog, we are always trying to keep our readers informed on the latest trends and challenges in multichannel commerce. In today’s post, I wanted to give you an example of a company that is truly committed to its multichannel strategy.

Although many retailers are recognizing the need to improve their multichannel initiatives, how many are actually taking the necessary steps to do so? Not many.

Few are as dedicated to improving their multichannel strategy as major UK retailer, Mark and Spencer. Already very committed to its multichannel business, M&S launched a three-year plan in November of 2010 to further develop its multichannel operations.

Since the start of the initiative, M&S has already made significant enhancements to their website and have already confirmed the launch of a new 900,000 sq ft distribution center to service all customer orders through their “Shop Your Way” initiative. It continues to experience excellent results – its mobile commerce website has generated more than 59,000 orders. They have released over 900 videos (with over 7 million views and 900,000 clicks on the “buy” button) with their “M&S TV” strategy. They have also begun to launch touch screen ordering in some of their stores. In addition, they continue to use multiple social media channels to provide even more services to their customers.

The ultimate goal of their three year plan is to grow M&S into an international multi-channel retailer and have set a target to grow sales by £300m and £500m by 2013/14. Their investments in new warehousing and systems have given them a solid foundation to build their Multichannel business and make the M&S brand more accessible to more customers – both in the UK and internationally.

Mark and Spencer is a great example of a company that is “talking the talk and walking the walk” when it comes to delivering a true multichannel experience for customers. You can learn more about M&S’ multichannel business plan here.

If your company has plans to take its multichannel strategy to the next level, it is imperative that you learn about the benefits that a PIM solution can have on offering a seamless multichannel experience to your customers.