“Showrooming” – Retail’s Latest Challenge

“Showrooming” is a popular trend emerging among today’s digitally savvy shoppers. What is showrooming? Showrooming is the process of walking into a traditional brick and mortar store to check out a product in person, and then browse online to find that same product at the lowest possible price. Although this practice has been around for the past decade it is becoming more prevalent with the emergence of smart phones and other mobile devices.

This practice will only become more popular as technology continues to improve on what feels like a daily basis. I feel that these retailers should welcome the challenge of showrooming. This is a perfect opportunity for these major companies to re-evaluate their eCommerce strategy. Today, a majority of consumers prefer to shop online so producing a high quality eCommerce shopping experience is a necessity. A successful eCommerce strategy will help to drive sales and promote brand awareness.

While it is nearly impossible to eliminate showrooming altogether, creating a consistent customer experience across all of your sales channels can greatly simplify the execution your cross channel strategy. Learn how a PIM solution can help jumpstart your eCommerce initiatives today.