Top Five: What matters most to shoppers? and BIGinsight asked consumers this year “When choosing to make holiday purchases from a given online retailer, what is most important to you?”  No matter what retailers “think” their consumers want, shoppers have spoken and their top five must-haves are listed below.  If an online retailer does not meet this criteria, it is possible that they may lose out on a sale and/or future sales.

1. Seeing the shopping cart total prior to checkout

2. Product available to ship immediately

3. Value for money / good deals

4. Clear product descriptions

5. Guaranteed on-time delivery

Unclear product information damages your conversion rate: retailers loose 9 out of 10 customers before they even drop products in the shopping cart (Internet World).  Having clear, detailed product descriptions with multiple images and video is crucial.  Why?  Because if there is too little information, a consumer will not feel confident enough to purchase your product, therefore, they won’t put it in their shopping cart, the great deal your offering won’t create a sale, and having the product available to ship immediately and guaranteeing on-time delivery won’t even matter.

Did you know that Cyber Monday was the heaviest online spending in history!  Shoppers spent $1.25 Billion Dollars on Monday.  So if your online sales were up 21% on Cyber Monday (according to comScore), your ecommerce site is just “average”, if you fell below this percentage, well, you may want to look into the top 5 “must-haves” above in more detail.

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