Webinar w/ Aberdeen: 2012’s Top 5 Game-Changing Technologies in Retail

Given the fickle nature of the global economy in the last few years, retailers are tasked to maximize the financial output and overall accuracy of their digital and offline investments by fine-tuning related marketing, pricing, product, customer, and fulfillment strategies. Can 2012 be the game-changing year for retailers when it comes to customer engagement, retention, return on net assets, and gross margin return on inventory investment?

Five game-changing technologies will come to the forefront of retail in 2012: Mobile Store, Social Analytics, Omni Channel Product Information Management, Digital Marketing, and Cloud Computing. How and in what ways can these game-changing technologies address the customer challenges, business process gaps, and technology redundancies ailing retailers globally?

Come and join us for an insights-filled trends presentation and virtual panel discussion and virtual panel discussion on each of the top 5 game-changing retail technologies that will shape customer and business decision-making in 2012. Each panel will consist of an Aberdeen Retail Analyst and other industry experts such as Dayakar Prabhakar, VP of Engineering at Calumet Photographic, who will share trends, candid opinions, and industry insights with you.

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