Catalog or No Catalog? That is the question.

Many businesses today are puzzled when it comes to determining the proper strategy for catalog publishing.

Should we publish a catalog? Should we continue to publish a catalog or do away with it all together?

In my opinion, I think businesses should continue publishing a catalog.  A lot of consumers, especially women, like to relax on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or tea and browse through the catalogs that they receive in the mail.  Today, the same thing is happening except that instead of receiving the catalog in the mail, consumers are turning on their iPad or tablet and flipping through their favorite catalogs online.

A new fun and interactive way to view catalogs is through Google Catalogs.  This app allows the user to easily flip through the digital versions of their favorite catalogs, then create collages of their favorite items and share them via social networks.  The fact of the matter is that people spend an average of 25 minutes per session flipping through catalogs, while compared to the quick eight minutes they spend browsing an online retail shop!

Did you know that a published catalog leads to increased online and brick-and-mortar revenues?

  • 29.1% of online revenues are influenced by catalogs
  • 15.2% of brick-and-mortar revenues are influenced by catalogs

Catalogs are a great way to interact with your consumers, but don’t forget that catalogs, whether they are printed or if they are digital, is only one sales channel and in order for your consumers to have a connected multichannel experience, it is imperative that the product information in all of your channels is consistent.

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