Did you get attacked by Google’s Panda?

Google is penalizing sites that have too many ads, poor navigation, and poor quality content.  If pages are being viewed by a high number of users that click through the site and then quickly click back to Google, this is a black mark against the company and their rankings will drop.  Ecommerce, B2B, and general product or service sites are being affected by this.  Have you noticed a huge decline in traffic to your website?  Are you looking to increase traffic to your website?  If you answered “yes” to either of these questions then it is best to start spending the time and effort developing higher quality content sooner rather than later.  Sites with poor quality will be bumped down in the search ranks, and sites with higher quality content will be promoted.

It is important for marketers to evaluate the content that is on their website.  “A lot of ecommerce companies face a real challenge in producing good quality unique content, says Chip Rice, National Accounts Manager with digital marketing firm OneUpWeb.  “Their product descriptions often come straight from manufacturers and are duplicated across many, many websites, perhaps hundreds or thousands with the exact same copy.  So as this update goes through and looks to reduce the amount of scraped, duplicated or poor-quality content and to reward unique value-added content, there’s definitely a potential for ecommerce companies to suffer an impact.”  Even a page that has a short product description and one photo will have Google dragging down all of your pages, and this can affect the overall ranking of your site.

How do you recover?

  • Rewrite content to make it unique
  • Use video
  • Add consumer reviews or ratings
  • Increase the number of images of your products
  • Reference products for cross-selling and up-selling

Where do you store all of this additional product information for easy access so that duplication does not occur?

  • In a PIM

So in order to stop getting attacked, a site must provide unique, high quality content and a good user experience.

Read the full story at http://chiefmarketer.com/web-marketing/search/website-change-google-panda-update-0505bq3/