Research -The Business Value of PIM

How do you measure the impact of a Product Information Management (PIM) or Master Data Management (MDM) for products on revenue and costs?

What are the most important KPIs?  How do you perform in comparison with your competitors?

In order to address these questions, Heiler Software started this survey to rank the benefits of PIM and to provide a benchmark of different industries.  It can also serve as a Best Practice or trend analysis of PIM.

Therefore the Heiler Software Network is cooperating with Fraunhofer Institute, Europe’s largest research organization and the Stuttgart Media University (HDM).  Internet Retailing and iBusiness support the biggest international PIM benchmark as media partners.

We would like to ask you to take about 20 minutes of your time to participate in the survey.  All information will be evaluated anonymously.

Results will be available sometime in May 2011

All participants have the chance to win an Apple iPad2

The target groups of this survey are manufacturers and retailers/distributors/wholesalers with or without a PIM System implementation.

Start your survey now!