New Heiler Catalog Intelligence Ensures Sound Decision Making & Lower Purchase Prices


Heiler Software presents its new Enterprise Procurement Suite. It includes two brand new modules for transparent decisions and better procurement. The first new module, Heiler Catalog Intelligence, provides wide ranging analysis of all procurement processes. It provides the basis for decision-making and helps to reduce process and procurement costs . The second new module is the Heiler Smartform Builder, which enables easy configuration of complex goods and services.

Heiler Catalog Intelligence is geared towards strategic and operative purchasing. “It is an easy to use analysis tool. It provides immediate added value to procurement managers, buyers responsible for catalogs and content quality managers,” says product manager Matthias Zwick. Heiler Catalog Intelligence is an integrated module within the Heiler Software Enterprise Procurement solution. Analysis are based on real-time data from the established catalog solution, Heiler Business Catalog. Each of the functions of the browser-based solution is carefully tailored to the different roles existing in an international corporation in procurement.

Detroit/ Stuttgart, March 2nd 2011 – Heiler Software AG presents its new solution suite for the procurement of indirect materials.

The “Dashboard” provides purchasing managers a central overview of all corporation-wide procurement processes. It analyzes employees’ ordering behavior and helps to improve control of personnel resources.

The “Global Spend Map” provides an overview of system-wide purchasing behavior and the decisive cost centers in all product groups. “This provides you full cost control over product procurement and helps to identify cost saving opportunities”, says Matthias Zwick.

In preparation for price negotiations, Heiler Catalog Intelligence helps to compare information on ordering trends and quantity changes among specific time periods. Zwick means that the focus can be directed onto the decisive product groups, so that purchase managers only negotiate where it is really worthwhile.

The “Content Scorecard” safeguards data quality. This increases users’ acceptance and accelerate process times for searches, comparisons and ordering. The “assortments” area helps to identify price differences among suppliers and thus minimize unit costs and purchasing costs globally.

Whether for reserving rooms with IT equipment and catering or vehicle leasing, Heiler Smartform Builder will generate order forms for configurable goods and services. “The graphic wizard with drag & drop function makes it easier to create intelligent configuration drafts, for example for company mobile phones with suitable rates or services”, explains product manager Matthias Zwick.