Gartner & Forrester -What Do They Have In Common?

Heiler Software is recognized by analysts from Gartner and Forrester.  They both identify that Heiler is a PIM pure-play; a niche vendor focused on managing structured and unstructured data for both buy-side and sell-side multi-commerce. 

Gartner has placed Heiler as a Top 10 PIM Provider for the past three years and states that “Customers focused on multichannel commerce, sell-side requirements looking for an integrated offering would do well to include Heiler in their search.  This broad multichannel support for MDM is what Gartner calls MDM for multi-commerce.”  White, Andrew (2009).  Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Product Data, p. 19.

Forrester’s market overview of Heiler includes: manufacturing, distribution, and retail, with packaged and hosted capabilities.  Karel, Rob (2009).  Forrester: It’s Time to Revisit Product Information Management (PIM).