12 Things You Must Have on Your eCommerce Site

  1. How do I purchase this item that I want? -in as many ways as you can direct consumers to buy now, purchase, add to cart, etc.
  2. How do I contact you? -display phone number, eMail, and any additional contact information that can be easily found.  Also, include purchase options if you have multiple sales channels.
  3. Please be consistent, don’t confuse me -keep the location of your product information in the same place for all products, on all pages.
  4. Really quick!  What is this product and why should I buy it? -provide overview information/summary about your product at the top of the page, near the picture.
  5. I can’t buy this product!  I don’t have enough information! -in order for consumers to purchase products, you have to provide them with detailed information.  What is that saying…”It’s better to have too much information, than not enough”.
  6. What’s the difference? -consumers like to compare products, allow for this on your site.  However, if you don’t have “clean” or enough product information, it will be hard to compare. 
  7. I’m not ready to make my decision yet -create a printer-friendly page so consumers can print and reference later.
  8. How much does this cost? -pricing needs to be clearly presented, and if you are having a sale, show the discounted price.
  9. I’m not from your country, but I want to order this really cool product! -show pricing in different currencies.
  10. What is that supposed to be? -all images need to be of the highest quality.
  11. Can I get a 360 of that? -consumers not only like to see the front of products, but they would like to see the backs of them too…and the sides.  Sometimes images are too small and the option to view a larger picture is always a nice feature.
  12. What?  How much am I spending?  That’s too much, I’ll just cancel my order -consumers would like to know the total amount in their shopping carts, this includes shipping costs and any taxes; they don’t want to be surprised at the end of the checkout process. 

Hear me out.  I like to shop on the internet, just as much as anyone else, but why are shipping costs so high?  I know that shipping companies give breaks to big organizations that use their services a lot, so why am I being charged so much? 

Well there it is, 12 things that I think are a must to have on an eCommerce site.  Do you have others to add?  Don’t be shy, post them below.